INTRAN is a global Payment Service Provider interoperability network which creates a global Payment Processing capability, based on local connectivity.

INTRAN is a new paradigm in the Payments Processing space.

INTRAN offers PSPs and Payments Platforms a “Payments Franchise” of new capabilities, new technologies, expertise and business models that allow them to process Payments over all channels, using all major fiat and crypto currencies.

By bringing PSPs and Payments Platforms into the global INTRAN Network, INTRAN provides new revenue opportunities and establishes new market relevance.

UNITY Alliance is a Fintech Intermediation Platform generating a similar network effect for Fintech that the Card Associations created for Payments.

UNITY is an eWallet interoperability network building national nodes in a Global Fintech network.

UNITY is the “App Store” of Fintech (InsurTech, EdTech, MedTech, etc.), allowing these companies to white label their services to other participants in the network.

Banks participate in the UNITY network both by offering a Banking as a Service and/or consuming Fintech as a Service.

UNITY offers the infrastructure and network effect necessary to unlock the potential of Digital Financial Services on a global basis.